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PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Police officers never know what challenges their next shift might bring. For a pair of northern Ohio officers, it meant rescuing a raccoon in distress.

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In a Facebook video posted on Aug. 8, the Perkins Township Police Department reported that Officers Ryan McDermott and Ryan Waechter were getting gasoline for their cruiser when a raccoon ran up to them with a jar of peanut butter stuck on its head. The animal skittered around the officers until they were able to catch it.

In the video, McDermott uses one hand to hold the raccoon in place while using his other hand to loosen the jar from the raccoon’s head.

“We’re gonna help you, buddy, hold on,” one of the officers can be heard on the body camera video. “It’s OK, boy.”

As Waechter helped hold down the scared animal, McDermott was able to remove the jar, WKYC-TV reported.

The raccoon, who was dubbed “Bandit” by the department, quickly scurried away after he was freed from the jar.

“It’s often asked what is a typical day in law enforcement, and here’s proof that there is no typical day,” the police department wrote on Facebook.