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A California man who was caught on video spraying a homeless person with water from a hose is now facing charges.

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Police charged Collier Gwin, owner of Foster Gwin Gallery, with misdemeanor battery, The Associated Press reported.

He was taken into custody on Wednesday and was booked in the San Francisco County Jail and held on $2,500 bail, NBC News reported.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins took to Twitter after Gwin’s arrest saying that he would face consequences for his actions.

Jenkins corrected the date of the incident in a follow-up tweet, saying it happened on Jan. 9, 2023.

Cell phone video showed Gwin spraying water from a garden hose on the person who was sitting on the sidewalk outside his gallery in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco.

Some people called the incident “inhumane,” the AP reported.

Gwin said that he has called police and social services several times to help with the person after they had become disruptive. Gwin added that they’ll take the person to a shelter or hospital, but after a brief stay, the person will be back out on the streets, KNTV reported.