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With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there will be changes great and small in the United Kingdom.

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Obviously, there will be a new monarch, but there will also be everyday changes, as well.

From stamps to currency, here are some of the things that will be changing:

Cash: Elizabeth’s face is on the country’s currency. It is estimated that it will take some two years to move the 4.5 billion sterling bank notes with the queen’s image out of circulation, The Guardian reports.

Getting coins changed over to ones that sport Charles’ image will take longer.

The queen’s image is also on currency in other Commonwealth countries.

Stamps: The queen’s image is on postage stamps. Those stamps will be good even as new ones with Charles’ image are put into circulation.

The flag: Flags in England and in other Commonwealth countries have EIIR emblazoned on them, which stands for Elizabeth II Regina (queen).

Royal arms: The royal arms, a coat of arms, is used only by the Sovereign. It features a lion and a unicorn supporting a shield.

If Charles wants to add a symbol representing Wales to the shield, it would have to be changed.

The royal arms is put on thousands of documents.

The national anthem: The national anthem, which now asks God to “save our gracious queen,” will be changed to say “God save the king.

The new version will go like this:

“God save our gracious king!Long live our noble king!God save the king!Send him victorious,Happy and glorious,Long to reign over us,God save the king.”

Prayers: Along the same lines, prayers that mention the queen, some that mention her by name, will now be amended to mention the king or mention Charles by name.

Pledges of allegiance: Up until Thursday, Members of Parliament pledged their allegiance to the queen. Now they will pledge their allegiance to the king.

Family titles: As Charles becomes king, Camilla becomes queen consort.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are now the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Court cases: Criminal cases, which were once termed Regina v. defendant, will now be termed Rex v. defendant. Also, jurors will swear oaths to “Our Sovereign Lord”, instead of “Our Sovereign Lady.”