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Here we go again… Luke Bryan and his family have started the 12 days of Pranksmas, 2020 Edition. LOL, they have even brought in Tim Tebow to help out with some pranks. We know there is much much more where these came from! She even asked for help this year from YOU! haha

The first day Luke Bryan had his wife thinking that she destroyed Tebow’s Heisman Trophy! Tim was in on the whole thing. You can see that video below.

Day Two had LeClaire, Luke’s mom, as the victim! They set off a rooster noise in her room while she was sleeping! Luke’s wife prefaced the video saying that LeClaire is a grump when she wakes up. So, obviously, that makes this 10x funnier! This one might not have come off as a prank to Luke’s mom though since the family lives on a farm and they do actually have roosters! She even says in the video “someone left the garage open.” LOL

Day three was a doozy… Luke Bryan’s wife decided to go hunting with her son. In the beginning of the video, you can hear Bo beg her to be quiet in the stand but she continued to drink loudly, open chips, and sing to upset Bo to the point of tears. She claims he is “still mad at her.” hahaha