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It’s a pretty good song for Seder day …

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Passover, which begins Friday, is a major Jewish holiday that celebrates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. While it is a serious holiday for people of the Jewish faith, a Jewish a cappella group decided to have some fun with it.

Six13 created a parody of classic Billy Joel hits for a new Passover video, aptly titled “A Billy Joel Passover,” the Jewish News Syndicate reported.

The music video for the track begins with the Six13′s version of Joel’s “Piano Man,” which they called “Pharaoh Man.”

Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” was transformed into “God Set a Bush on Fire,” while “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” became “Scenes from a Seder Night.”

“Movin’ Out” is included to describe the Jewish flight from Egypt as chronicled in the Bible’s Book of Exodus, the Jewish News Syndicate reported.

This could be the best Jewish holiday novelty song since Gefilte Joe and the Fish’s 1981 single, “Hanukah Rocks.

The video by Six13 is shot around New York City, the hometown of Joel and the band, the Jewish News Syndicate reported.