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Work to repair an Italian reservoir has allowed a piece of history to be seen once again.

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Lake Resia has been drained and it’s giving locals in the area the chance to see the village of Curon for the first time in decades.

Normally a church steeple standing in the middle of the lake in the Alpine region near the Austria and Switzerland border is all that’s visible, but lying beneath the water sits what had been home to hundreds of people, BBC News reported.

Village uncovered

FILE PHOTO: A bell tower of a 14th-century church is normally the only part of the village of Curon that’s seen. But repairs to the reservoir currently on the town’s former location have allowed the remnants of the village to be seen once again.

In 1950, the village was purposely flooded to create a hydroelectric plant, despite the objections of those who lived there.

All that’s left after 70 years below the water are the steps, cellars and walls of the 160 homes that had once occupied the region.

The village’s story is now the focus of not only a novel, but also a Netflix series, The Times reported.

Visitors to the now dry lakebed said it’s strange to be walking in Curon’s remnants.

The lake is now a popular outdoor attraction with hikers visiting in both the summer and winter, which when the lake is frozen, gives people the chance to walk across the ice to get an up-close look at the 14th-century church spire, BBC News reported.