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LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas – A woman accused of shooting and killing her neighbor allegedly told police who arrested her that she did it because the victim killed her dog.

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In a news release, the Lacy Lakeview Police Department said that they were initially called by a woman who said that her neighbor was trying to break into her home. On the call, the woman, identified as Angie Moore, told officers that she “had a gun” and was going to be forced to shoot.

When officers arrived at the scene less than three minutes later, they said a woman identified as Cynthia Ellen Ming, was naked, covered in blood and seen leaving the house through a window. Police told KXXV that Ming tried to run from the scene and an attempt to use a Taser was ineffective.

Police told KXXV that Moore was killed with the gun she had brought out to protect herself against Ming.

Police said that Moore was lying in a large pool of blood when they arrived, and that attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful, KCEN reported.

An arrest affidavit obtained by the Waco Tribune said that Ming admitted to officers that she went into Moore’s home and “grabbed the gun from her” and “shot her in the head.” Officers said in the affidavit, “Cynthia then again stated that she ‘murdered her’ due to her killing her dog.”

A friend acting as the spokesperson for Moore’s family told KWTX that they do not believe Moore would have killed a dog because she loved animals.

When she was being evaluated, police said that they noticed Ming was covered in cuts, KCEN reported. Ming allegedly told them that she was injured coming through the window.

The affidavit obtained by the Waco Tribune said, “Cynthia informed the Waco Crime Scene technician that the blood on her hands was ‘probably the murder victim’s.’”

Moore was a single mother to a 13-year-old son. The family has created a GoFundMe to raise money for him as well as funeral expenses.