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McDonald’s will soon be offering new options, known as “menu hacks,” that were popularized by some of its biggest fans.

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Beginning Jan. 31 and for a limited time, McDonald’s will offer four menu hacks, CNN reported. They can be ordered in the “Menu Hacks” section on the McDonald’s app, or by going in-person and requesting them by name.

The hacks, listed on the McDonald’s website are:

· Hash Brown McMuffin: a breakfast-only exclusive which combines a sausage McMuffin with a hash brown.

· Crunchy Double: an order of six-piece chicken nuggets, combined with a double cheeseburger.

· Land, Air, and Sea: a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish.

· Surf + Turf (app only): double cheeseburger and Filet-O-Fish.

When you order a menu hack from McDonald’s, the ingredients will be given to you separately. The chain told CNN that combining them yourself is “half the fun” and is easier on the chain’s employees.

McDonald’s experimented with the menu hack idea last year with the egg McMuffin, but never formally put the hacks on the menu or the app.