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SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman, using a surveillance camera, caught two people stealing toys from her daughter’s grave on Sunday. Now, she is hoping authorities can use the video to find those people.

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Enedina Ibarra was 4 years old when she died from neuroblastoma cancer on Jan. 28, 2019, KSAT reported. The child’s mother, Nikki Kennedy, decorated the girl’s grave at San Jose Burial Park with toys, like Peppa Pig stuffed animals, the television station reported.

“She was a feisty little girl. She went through a lot her entire life,” Kennedy told KSAT. “She lived in the hospital and didn’t get to live like a child. She literally spent her entire life playing in the hospital. It just hurts me to know I lost my child like this.”

Kennedy, who visits her daughter’s grave daily, said she would notice things missing.

“I came one time, and her toys were everywhere. I think it was children who got her toys and put them everywhere,” Kennedy told KSAT. “They were in the pond, all over the gravesite. I had a feeling who was doing it, but I didn’t want to point fingers, so I installed a motion-detecting camera. I said, ‘My daughter can’t even rest peacefully because they are taking her belongings.’”

The first camera Kennedy installed was vandalized, but the second one sent her an alert while she was shopping on Sunday.

“I saw a gentleman sitting on a bench next to her. At first, I thought he was there visiting my neighbor’s grave, but then I saw that he looked familiar,” Kennedy told KSAT. “The men seen in the video were the same men my neighbor caught on their camera stealing things. When I saw them, I could only yell at them, and it scared them.”

By the time Kennedy reached the cemetery, the men were gone.

“How would you feel if you lost a child and someone was going to mess with their stuff? You would not like it,” Kennedy told KSAT. “To me, all of that stuff is valuable to me because I buy it from my heart for my daughter.”

Kennedy has filed a report with the San Antonio Police Department, the television station reported. The thefts are under investigation.

“We spend too much money to buy a plot and to feel safe,” Kennedy told KSAT. “Now, we are constantly having to watch our backs. I want more lighting and more security here.”