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HOUSTON – A couple was driving to their friend’s house when they unwittingly pulled up to a “street takeover” and were then surrounded by a crowd and shot at before escaping.

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A man, who did not want to be identified, his fiancée and their dog were riding early Monday morning when they encountered cars double parked and blocking the intersection at Enclave Parkway and Forkland Drive while drivers performed stunts like burnouts and doughnuts, KENS reported.

“People (were) getting out of their cars everywhere,” the driver told KENS. “It was just surreal just to stop and not be able to do anything just a complete street takeover.”

A person with a megaphone got the crowd to surround the victim’s car when they realized it was not part of the illegal stunt show on the street.

“The crowd figured out it was a Tesla and had cameras, and this was going to capture everything that was going on around them, and on top of that, they realized that we were calling the police. Sure enough, we did,” he said. “And they were going to take it out on us; and weren’t going to let us through.”

The couple looked for a way out and called 911 as they were harassed by the crowd. Eventually, they found a break in the cars just as gunshots rang out.

“I was seriously wondering if we were going to get killed that night,” the man said. “That was frightening, just scary. Just to see that for no reason whatsoever, for him to just shoot at us as we were trying to get out of the way; just literally get out of there.”

Houston police are investigating. Officials said the gunman could face charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.