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Tears on his pillow — but they were tears of joy.

A World War II veteran from England was overcome with emotion when a caregiver gave him a pillow with a photo of his wife, of 71 years, who had died in August, the BBC reported.

Ken Benbow, 94, served with the Royal Navy during World War II. He lives at Thistelton Lodge, a nursing home in Preston, ITV reported. Benbow has slept with a photo of his wife, Ada, since her death nine months ago.

That touched caregiver Kia Tobin, 17, who decided to have a pillow made with a large photo of Ada Benbow.

“Ken is so funny and an amazing person,” Tobin told the BBC.

A video of the moment Ken Benbow received the pillow is heartwarming, as he is at first surprised and then begins to hug the cushion.

“What’s that, darling?” he asks, and then says, ‘Ha!’ when he sees the gift. Benbow then says, “Ohhh,” hugs and kisses the pillow and begins to cry. Tobin quickly embraces him.

“It was so touching,” Benbow told ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” show. “It was the most precious thing anyone could have wished for.”

Thistleton Lodge posted the video on its Facebook page.

“We know our residents are missing their loved ones at this time, but let’s not forget those who sadly aren’t here with us anymore,” the facility wrote.

The Benbows met at a dance in Liverpool, and Ken proposed a short time later, ITV reported.

Ken Benbow said he and his wife “were made for each other.”

“She was the best little woman in the world,” Benbow said on “Good Morning Britain.” “She was the most loving, caring, beautiful wife anyone could wish to have.”

Tobin has moved the photo of Ada Benbow, putting it in a glass frame next to Ken’s bed,

“Now, he can take the pillow to bed with him and give it a good squeeze,” Tobin told the BBC,