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Do you know what adroitly means? How about phenomenological or reification?

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If you don’t, you can find out because they’re three of the 450 new words that have been added to

The online database of language has added or edited more than 7,600 entries.

That number includes hundreds of new words, 94 new definitions and 700 new pronunciations.

Lexicographer Heather Bonikowski and managing editor John Kelly said the updates touch on the COVID-19 pandemic, technology, racial justice, identity, politics and even dogs.

Twenty-three new words relating to dogs were added to, like Bernedoodles and Puggles.

So what do adroitly, phenomenological and reification mean?

According to, adroitly means “with expert or dexterous use of the hands or body; nimbly,” while phenomenological means “of, relating to, or based on observed or observable facts” and reification means “the act of treating something abstract, such as an idea, relation, system, quality, etc., as if it were a concrete object.”