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SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman faces animal cruelty charges after investigators said a TikTok video led officers to her home.

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Kristy Lee Arredondo was charged with two counts of cruelty to a non-livestock animal after investigators found one dead lemur in her home and a second lemur in a cage, KSAT reported.

A special agent with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office began investigating after coming across a TikTok video of two ringtail lemurs in a cage, KENS reported. Lemurs are not permitted to be kept as pets in San Antonio.

Investigators said they identified Arredondo through what appeared to be a dog breeding business on social media, KSAT reported. When officers arrived at her home, they told the station they found one caged lemur and the remains of a second lemur thrown behind the back fence of the property.

Arredondo reportedly told deputies she bought the lemurs for $3,000 from someone on Facebook, KSAT reported, and told police she did not know owning the animals was illegal. She allegedly told police the lemur who died was injured, and she had tried giving it an antibiotic used for dogs, KSAT reported.

The surviving lemur was rescued from the home, KENS reported.