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Reba McEntire announced that she plans to release her third book that will include her favorite food and cocktail recipes, lifestyle tips, personal stories, and more!

“I’m so excited to partner with the Harper Celebrate team to create my first lifestyle book where I will share stories, behind-the-scenes photos, some of my favorite recipes and life lessons I’ve learned over the years. I know my fans are going to love it!” Reba said.

“Reba is universally beloved for her talent, humor, and unapologetic authenticity,” said Michael Aulisio, VP and publisher, Harper Celebrate. “This book will offer readers a seat at Reba’s table as she shares her hard-earned wisdom on what it means to live a good life. And let me assure you, there will be a lot of fun had along the way.”

The book does not have a title yet, but it is set to release in the fall of 2023.