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TRENTON, Ohio – Police in Ohio received a call about an unusual intruder when a family found a coyote hiding behind the toilet in their bathroom.

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The Trenton Police Department shared photos of the coyote on its Facebook page. In the post, police said they were called early Friday morning to a home after the animal was found in a bathroom on the home’s first floor. Not wanting to get close, the resident called the police.

Coyote found hiding in bathroom

The coyote was hiding behind the toilet in the family’s bathroom on the first floor of the home.

Police said that the coyote got into the house through an open door while the family was packing vehicles ahead of a trip. Officers said that members of the family had actually used the restroom while the animal was inside, not knowing it was there.

When officers arrived at the house, they found the coyote still behind the toilet, WLWT reported.

Coyote released

Officers released the coyote back into nature after removing it from the family’s home.

Officers said they were able to safely remove the animal and release it back into nature.