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SAN ANTONIO – A Texas woman rescued a stray dog from the extreme cold using tortillas to lure the animal into her car.

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Kristin Salinas went out to get tortillas on Thursday when she found the lost black Labrador retriever in the snow, WOAI reported.

She tried coaxing him into the car several times before trying the tortillas. After 30 minutes, the dog got in.

“Dogs, they don’t know what’s going on; cats, pets, they don’t know what’s going on,” Salinas said. “So, we try to help them out – one dog at a time. I’m hoping the next person will stop, too, and help the different strays.”

Salinas said she plans to take him to an animal shelter. A picture of the pup was posted on a lost and found pets page on social media.

“I still have tortillas for my mom and I got him in the car it’s warm, so yeah, definitely worth it,” Salinas said.