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TUCSON, Ariz. – A herd of elephants at an Arizona zoo is proving that you’re never too big to play in the snow.

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According to the Arizona Daily Star, employees at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson captured a video of the moment that baby elephant Penzi and her family frolicked in the flurries Tuesday. It was the calf’s first time seeing snow, the zoo said.

“Snow day!” the zoo captioned the clip, which had been shared by more than 2,000 Facebook users by Wednesday morning. “Most of the animals stayed cozy in their heated night houses during today’s flurry, but the elephant herd chose to stay out and play! Penzi took the snowflakes as a cue to play in the stream and slip and slide in the mud. Even her older sister, Nandi, could not resist a roll in the mud on a snowy day!”

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Later Tuesday, the zoo posted photos of Penzi rolling around and eating snowflakes off the ground.

“We can’t get enough of Penzi in the snow!” one of the posts read.

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