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CEDAR HILL, Mo. – A Missouri man risked his own life as he raced to help two teenagers who fell into freezing water in Cedar Hill.

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One teen fell through the ice, and then the second teen fell through while trying to help the first, The Kansas City Star reported. “They were just walking out on the ice and from what I can tell, what I saw, they got about 20 yards out on this lake and the ice was thinner out there with the weather we’ve had, and they fell through,” Cedar Hill Fire Chief Mick Fischer told KMOV.

An adult who knew the children called 911, before trying to rescue the children himself, The Kansas City Star reported. The adult belly-crawled toward them but fell through the water trying to save the teens, KMOV reported.

Fortunately, the adult was able to pull both the children to safety before the fire department arrived, The Kansas City Star reported. All three were treated and released at the scene.

In a post about the incident on Facebook, the Cedar Hill Fire Department said the rescue served as a reminder of how dangerous ice can be.