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Houston Texans defensive star J.J. Watt recorded a message of encouragement to students dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, with a little help from his dogs.

Watt, responding to a request from Pearland Independent School District officials, told students he understood their emotions, KHOU reported.

“This is a difficult time. I know some of you may be happy about this. You probably sleep until noon,” Watt said in a video he recorded on Facebook. “I know some of you are probably sad. You’re missing out on things like prom and graduation, some lifelong memories that you won’t be able to get back.”

While Watt talked, his two dogs occasionally barked and got into the video.

Watt also told the students about his fond memories of Pearland, KHOU reported.

“I used to live in Pearland. My first few years in the league, I lived in Pearland. I went to games at The Rig,” Watt said in the video. “I really enjoyed my time down there. The people are great and everyone was so nice to me and my family.”

Watt also talked about his journey to become a star, and how he empathized with their struggles dealing with social distancing and staying at home.

“I just want you guys to know that I’m thinking about you, and I know that this time is difficult,” Watt said. “I know that it’s tough. But at some point, it is going to be over, and we are going to have an opportunity to move on and move forward.

“So, do whatever you can during this time to improve yourself, and get yourself closer to where you want to be once this is all over.”