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MURRAY, Utah – A driver shot a man earlier this month who had made fun of his Range Rover, investigators said.

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Police said Patrick Koaneil Brown had recently purchased a black Range Rover and was in his apartment parking lot April 21 when Darnell Brown started making fun of the SUV, KSL reported. Police said the two men are not related.

The argument continued and Patrick Brown, 42, pulled and pointed a handgun in Darnell Brown’s direction. Darnell Brown, 39, was in front of his family and became enraged.

Patrick Brown drove away from the complex with Darnell Brown following him. At one point, Patrick Brown leaned out of his SUV window and threatened to shoot Darnell Brown if he continued to follow him. Darnell Brown used his cellphone to take a photograph of the back of Patrick Brown’s Range Rover and then rear ended the SUV, police said. He got out and started yelling at Patrick Brown to “get out and fight him,” police said.

Patrick Brown made a U-turn, pulled up next to Darnell Brown and shot him in the head. He fired two more shots at Darnell Brown’s car before leaving. Brown’s fiance was in the passenger seat. She told police she only knew Patrick Brown by the name “Bama.” Investigators were able to track Patrick Brown through the image of his vehicle that Darnell Brown captured on his phone. The Range Rover had a temporary tag that police traced to a dealership and eventually found Patrick Brown.

Brown was arrested and charged with murder, two counts of discharging a firearm causing serious injury, possession of a firearm by a restricted person and discharge of a firearm.

Brown was previously convicted in Alabama of bank robbery and aggravated assault. Because of those convictions he was not allowed to own or possess a gun.