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Since 1984 we have been celebrating National Spouses Day. As the name implies, it’s a day to celebrate that special person that has agreed to be apart of your weird world and share theirs with you. One of the more interesting things about National Spouses Day is that no one knows how it started. One day we just all agreed to celebrate it. I’m guessing that someone saw an opportunity to sell more greeting cards, boxes of chocolates, or jewelry because we should show our partners everyday how we feel about them.

A recent survey revealed that we appreciate and annoy our spouses equally!


#1: My spouse is a hard worker (60%)

#2: I can be myself around my spouse (56%)

#3: My spouse makes me laugh (56%)

#4: My spouse is smart (52%)

#5: My spouse is supportive of my goals and desires (48%)

#6: My spouse is a great parent (45%)

#7: My spouse is sexy (44%)

#8: My spouse is good with money (31%)

#9: My spouse does the dishes (29%)

#10: My spouse buys me things (28%)


#1: My spouse has selective listening (40%)

#2: My spouse snores (39%)

#3: My spouse can be a control freak sometimes (26%)

#4: My spouse is not as financially responsible as I am (20%)

#5: My spouse has bodily quirks (e.g. nose picking, farting, burping, etc.) (19%)

#6: My spouse doesn’t contribute enough to household chores (18%)

#7: My spouse is a slob (e.g. doesn’t wash dishes, leaves dirty clothes on floor, etc.) (17%)

#8: My spouse works too much (16%)

#9: My spouse doesn’t get along with his/her in-laws (8%)

#10: My spouse always forgets our anniversary (5%)

One other interesting insight from the survey has to do with chores. 44% of husbands say they evenly split the chores with their wives. If you’ve ever been married it will come as no surprise that only 26% of wives agree with their husbands.

Here are two quotes for National Spouses Day. “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” (Henny Youngman) and “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep, because your reality is finally better than your dreams.” (Dr. Seuss).

Make sure to tell your partner Happy National Spouses Day!

— Doug O’Brien