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CONROE, Texas – Police are searching for whoever shot a cat between the eyes with a blow dart.

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Juan Abugaber and his family were not home when it happened, but surveillance video shows the moment a dart hit their 4-year-old cat Chester in the head, KTVT reported.

“We heard like a loud noise. Later we noticed it was the dart,” Abugaber said. “When we saw on the camera we saw something orange hanging in his head.”

The family rushed Chester to the veterinarian. The projectile somehow missed his brain and vital nerves.

“Luckily, he’s fine. I just took him to the vet right now in Conroe for a check-up, and they said that he’s fine. He’s in great condition,” Abugaber told KTRK. “I’m hoping there’s some evidence here.”

Abugaber believes the shot to Chester was intentional.

“Some people say it might have been an accident,” he said. “But it was a clear shot in the head. Like a really precise shot.”

Conroe Police is aware of the incident and is investigating, KTRK reported.

The family said it is keeping its other rescue cats indoors until the person who shot the dart is caught.