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GRAPEVINE, Texas – A North Texas company specializing in beers has brewed up a special deal for GameStop employees.

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Hop & Sting Brewing Co., located in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine, is charging employees of the video store $1 for pints of its beer, The Dallas Morning News reported. According to brewery co-founder Jon Powell, it is his company’s way of paying tribute to the little guys of business.

GameStop is at the center of a stock market frenzy, with its shares rising 928% during the first weeks of 2021, according to The Associated Press. The surge was ignited by investors on Reddit, who banded together to drive up its stock to “meteoric levels,” according to CNBC. That has caused huge losses to hedge funds that were betting on the company to fold, the AP reported.

“It’s getting so much press,” Powell told the Morning News. “What’s been lost in all this is the actual company, GameStop, is trying to turn around their business model completely.

“And of course, it’s about the little guy versus Wall Street. We thought it might be a good idea to invite some of those workers over and get some stress relief.”

In a Facebook post, Hop & Sting wrote that it wanted “to show our full support to our wonderful neighbors @GameStop, headquartered about 3 miles away from us in #GrapevineTX.”

“So until further notice, all #GameStop employees will get all their draft beers at the Hop & Sting Brewery for just $1!” the company wrote, adding that the only caveat was for the customer to show proof they worked for GameStop.

Powell said he was a video-game-playing kid “when GameStop was the coolest thing ever,” the Morning News reported.

Hop & Sting began selling beer in 2017 and opened its brewery in Grapevine in 2018, the newspaper reported. Its most popular beers are Aluminum Cowboy, a light lager; Miracle Wheat, a blood-orange wheat beer; and Northeast Texas, an American IPA.

GameStop employees can now sample them all for $1.