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LONG ISLAND, N.Y. – A family in Long Island had recently lost their father and an aunt to COVID-19.

So the last thing on their minds was taking down the Christmas lights that 61-year-old Anthony Pascucci put up every year, WABC reported.

When he died in January, his daughter Sara Pascucci couldn’t bring herself to take down her father’s decorations that he had put up in mid-December, WCBS Newsradio reported.

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But recently the Pascucci family received an anonymous letter demanding that they take down the decorations from the home. The letter, which was postmarked Jan. 30 and had no return address, added that it is almost Valentine’s Day.

Sara Pascucci shared the letter on a local Facebook group’s page.

But the apparent Christmas light police didn’t stop with the Pascucci family.

Lori Kelly said she also got a similar letter about her lights that are still hanging outside, WABC reported.

Kelly said her husband can’t take them down because he recently hurt his back.

John Fazio also got a letter, but it came after he had already removed his decorations, WABC reported.

The Long Island neighborhood is drawing a line in the snow, and sending a message of unity to the person who wants the lights to go dark.

Some are pulling out the lights they’ve packed up for the season and are putting them back up to show support to the Pascucci family, WCBS Newsradio reported.