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A metallic monolith appeared in Houston last night. I saw it with my own eyes. So far, these structures have popped up in the Utah canyons, Romania, and a hill in southern California, but this is the first one to appear in a major city. No one knows where it came from or who is responsible for it’s sudden arrival.

While I was driving down Allen Parkway last night I saw something tall and shiny in the middle of Eleanor Tinsley Park (just outside of downtown Houston). However, this morning on my way to work at KGLK/Houston – The Eagle, I noticed that just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone. According to a park official “we have camera everywhere”. Hopefully, it will help us get some answers.

If you saw the monolith in Houston, have any information, or have a theory about the emergence of this or all of the monoliths, reach out to me at I don’t know why it appeared or where it went, but the story continues to captivate the nation.

The mystery of the monolith deepens!

— Doug O’Brien