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AUSTIN, Texas – A Texas couple opened their home to a food delivery driver who got stuck at their house as torrential winter weather swept across the southwest.

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Chelsea Timmons planned to drive home to Houston after dropping off groceries Sunday to Nina Richardson and Doug Condon in Austin but she was unable to get her car to gain traction in the snowy conditions, KXAN reported.

“At some point, we realized that we’re probably (going to) have a houseguest for a few days, which was fine,” Condon said.

As road conditions worsened, she became stuck at the house. Any tow truck drivers were being called for emergencies and were unable to help.

Timmons spent five days in the couple’s guest bedroom, which has its own bathroom. They come together daily for meals. Their dogs have even grown accustomed to the company, sleeping in bed with Timmons.

“They have not only helped me through the base of the storm, but since I haven’t been able to make it back home they pretty much won’t let me go,” Timmons said. “Every time I suggested it, they’ve just been like, ‘Well, what will you eat? Can you make it there? Isn’t the guest room better than a Hampton Inn?’”

Condon and Richardson said eventually Timmons will make her way back to Houston.

“If everything looks good, we will send her on her way,” Condon said.

Richardson added: “With a bottle of water, sandwiches and some blankets just in case.”