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TULSA, Okla. – A man who reportedly stalked a former coworker for more than a month shot and injured the woman’s husband while attempting to kidnap her Friday, investigators said.

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The Tulsa Police Department said Justin Arthur-Ray Davis had stalked the woman, leaving candy and food on her doorstep, since he had resigned from their mutual employer more than a month ago, KOKI reported.

The woman’s husband was walking her to her car Friday morning so she could go to work when they saw Davis seated in his truck down the street. Davis got out of his truck with a shotgun and started running after the couple, police said.

Investigators said they ran into their apartment where Davis shot through the door, injuring the woman’s husband. Davis then grabbed the woman, dragged her down the stairs and started choking and beating her.

Neighbors called police while Davis continued to pummel the woman. The husband ran out after Davis to save his wife, police said. Davis pointed the shotgun at him and told the husband he would kill him if his wife doesn’t get into his truck. Davis then fired two shots into the air. Officers arrived and Davis took off. Police chased Davis, who crashed along Interstate 44 shortly later.

He was taken to a hospital for a cut to his head. He was treated then arrested and charged with kidnapping, shooting with intent to kill and first degree burglary, police said. It is unclear if other charges will also be filed.