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EGG HARBOR CITY, N.J. – A dump truck careened out of control, hitting a home in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey on Monday morning. The collision home caused the building to partially collapse. An elderly man who was inside at the time survived, KYW-TV reported.

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Surveillance video from across the street shows the truck speeding into the house, slamming into it so hard that the building was pushed off its foundation, and the first floor collapsing into the basement.

The truck was driven by Rogelio Serrano. Egg Harbor City Police said Serrano’s truck was driving on White Horse Pike when he hit another car from behind, forcing the car off the road. Police say Serrano continued driving, jumped a curb, and continued through a field before finally hitting the house.

Richard Beck, aged 80, was inside his home when the crash happened, sending him into the basement. He was not seriously injured. Serrano was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, WPVI reported.

A neighbor told WPVI the aftermath of the crash was intense, saying she saw a transformer explode.