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JERUSALEM – Archaeologists in Israel have announced a discovery that could shed more light on some of religion’s early history.

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A team has found more Dead Sea Scroll fragments in a desert cave, The Associated Press reported.

It is believed that the biblical texts were hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome about 1,900 years ago.

The pieces of parchment have Greek text written on them that comes from the books of Zechariah and Nahum and other parts of the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets, NBC News reported.

One portion from Nahum 1:5-6 reads: “The mountains quake because of Him, And the hills melt. The earth heaves before Him, The world and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before His wrath? Who can resist His fury? His anger pours out like fire, and rocks are shattered because of Him,” NBC News reported.

The writing style dates to about the first century.

This is the first time in 60 years that scrolls have been discovered in a dig south of Jerusalem. The dig was conducted over four years, NBC News reported.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are Jewish texts found near Qumran in the 1940s and 1950s. They date back to the third century B.C. to the first century A.D. and outline beliefs of a sect of Judaism.

There are about 80 fragments uncovered in this most recent discovery. They were found in what is called the “Cave of Horror” which got its name from the 40 human skeletons found during a dig in the 1960s, the AP reported.

In addition to the scroll fragments, archaeologists found a 6,000-year-old partially mummified skeleton of a child contained in an even older basket. A CT scan on the remains indicated the child was between 6 and 12 years old and still had skin, tendons and hair partially preserved, NBC News reported.