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The latest supply shortage may be hitting your child’s school lunchbox.

Some store shelves are empty of the popular cold cut snack pack — Lunchables.

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At a store near Philadelphia, a sign was hung up that said consumers should not expect the supply to be back to normal until next year, WRC reported.

The Kraft Heinz Company told the news station: “Lunchables is seeing double-digit growth for the first time in 5 years.”

Eastern Pennsylvania is not alone.

One Facebook user asked why the product has been unavailable in northeast Wisconsin for about two weeks. The same can be said for Maryland, California and Louisiana, according to posts on Facebook.

They have been in such short supply there is now a #lunchablesshortage, among other hashtags, where frustrated parents can commiserate in their child’s misery and get suggestions for when their Lunchables stash has dried up.

Stonington Public School’s food services department is helping parents in their district with alternative options that they call Munchables.

The demand was so high and supply low, that Rouses Markets has come up with its own version of the meat, cheese and cracker trays, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Kraft said last year that the company would be focusing on in-demand items like Lunchables, as well as ketchup and macaroni and cheese in stock, according to the website Eat This, Not That.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Lunchables and other shortages of supermarket staples may be caused by labor and materials shortages.

Kraft Heinz said it is now trying to get more product in stores and is working on the supply chain, WRC reported.