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DORA, Ala. – A stormy Easter Sunday in the Deep South yielded a powerful yet positive image at a central Alabama church.

Heavy rains and tornadoes ripped through homes and caused at least 18 deaths in the South, but at least one structure was left standing — and it was a fitting sign for Easter.

Two crosses standing outside Lawler Missionary Baptist Church in Dora were knocked down by either heavy winds or a tornado, but the middle cross remained standing, WBRC reported. In the Christian religion, the middle cross represents the spot where Jesus Christ was crucified.

A photo posted on Facebook by Jared Daniel Baley showed the image at the church, located northwest of Birmingham.

“Look, the middle cross is still standing,” Bailey wrote on Facebook, along with the hashtag, #HeLives.

The church also posted the photo on its Facebook page, writing, “God is faithful.”

The National Weather Service received several reports of wind and rain damage in the area, WBRC reported. Lawler Missionary Baptist Church sustained damage to its roof, WBMA reported.