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LA HABRA, Calif. – A mother convicted of killing her 7-month-old child by pushing him to his death off of a parking structure was sentenced to decades behind bars.

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Sonia Hermosillo was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison by Judge Kimberly Menninger, The Orange County Register reported.

Hermosillo was convicted in August 2021 of throwing her son off of the fourth story of a parking structure. Her son, Noe, was born with a congenital condition, which caused his neck to twist to one side, as well as plagiocephaly, a structural deformity of the skull. Prosecutors had argued that on August 22, 2011, Hermosillo removed the baby’s helmet, pushed him off the structure, and then walked into the hospital before validating her parking and driving away.

In a statement to the judge, Hermosillo apologized for her actions and asked to be back with her family, The Orange County Register reported. “I truly regret what I did,” Hermosillo said through an interpreter. “And I’m asking for an opportunity to be with my daughters. Please, your honor, I know what I did was wrong, but I regret doing that from the bottom of my heart.”

In sentencing Hermosillo, Menninger noted that Hermosillo’s husband had tried to protect the couple’s son, but Sonia had planned her actions to take advantage of the moment she had when her husband was in the shower, KABC reported.

“She left a note of apology and escaped the house with baby Noe. Baby Noe had no way to protect himself,” Menninger said, KABC reported. “She waited till she got that tiny opportunity … to successfully complete the murder.”

Menninger told the family her options for sentencing were limited to either probation or 25 years to life in prison, The Orange County Register reported.

Hermosillo’s attorney, Jacqueline Goodman, referred to her client as a victim while talking to the judge. “She’s a victim in this case. The real victim is Ms. Hermosillo and her husband who lost his only son, and the daughters who lost their baby brother. Not one of them who loves this baby doesn’t blame Ms. Hermosillo,” KABC reported.

Prosecutors said that Hermosillo made incriminating statements to police, saying that she killed the baby “because he’s sick” and “that’s why I don’t love him,” KABC reported.