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UPSON COUNTY, Ga. – It’s a scene right out of “The Wizard of Oz”: A house in Georgia was picked up and dropped in the middle of a road during severe storms.

The house was yanked from its foundation early Monday morning in Upson County, WSB-TV reported.


The house was blocking the road for hours before crews moved it out of the way.

The Upson County Sheriff’s Office said there were no injuries.

Debra Daniels initially feared the worst for the couple renting the house from her and her husband,” WSB reported. She believes it was a tornado that damaged the home.

“I was with my husband and all of a sudden, the rain and I woke and said, ‘Wake up! wake up!’ It’s true it sounds like a freight train,” Daniels told the television station.

Daniels said the storm took part of the roof and chimney off her home as it churned over the trees, cutting them like a hedge trimmer.

Power lines were also downed in the process during the storm.

There was a tornado in Upson County overnight, but it’s unclear if the tornado is to blame for the house being knocked off its foundation, WSB reported.

Other homes in the area were damaged by the powerful storm.

At least six people were killed overnight as severe storms spawned tornadoes across north Georgia.