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TIOGA COUNTY, Pa. – A couple saved a fawn from torrential flooding in northern Pennsylvania.

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Kristen and Russell Beals went to check out the flooding around their property to see how bad things were when they came across the frightened baby deer on the side of the road, reported.

“Russ noticed the baby deer cowering on the side of the road,” Kristen Beals said. “It was just frozen there. We were completely flooded in and the water was raging in both sides.”

Russell Beals picked up the fawn before the waters could and looked around for its family.

“I don’t know what to do with him. I can’t just leave him,” Beals said when he returned to his truck with the animal.

They took it to their house where the fawn’s family was just a couple hundred yards away. The parents had been hanging out near a collapsed shed in a hayfield on the couple’s property. Russell Beals decided to leave the fawn there.

“When my husband drove by that spot this morning there was a whole herd there,” Kristen Beals said.