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SKIATOOK, Okla. – An Oklahoma fast-food worker has been arrested after a customer allegedly found a bag of meth in their order, police say.

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Skiatook police officers said in a news release Tuesday that a customer placed an order at a restaurant and when they picked it up, they found a small bag of drugs inside their food order.

According to KOKI, the man reported the drugs to the Carl’s Jr. manager who gave him new food. The man also reached out to the police. The officers conducted a field test of the drugs which came back positive for methamphetamine.

Police said they spoke with the employees and arrested one of them, Bryce Francis. Francis has been booked on recommended charges of distribution of a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of school and possession of a controlled substance.

If you are eating out, police encourage you to check your order before eating or giving it to a child. If you find drugs or anything that is suspicious in your food order, callthe police immediately.