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Every year at Thanksgiving, we prepare a typical feast for our loved ones. A new survey shows that almost 1 in 3 of us hate many of these traditional dishes. At the top of the list is cranberry sauce, turkey, and green bean casserole.

Which traditional Thanksgiving food do you hate?

Here are the Top 10 most disliked traditional Thanksgiving foods.

1.  Cranberry sauce. 29.92% of Americans don’t like it…2.  Turkey, 28%…3.  Green bean casserole, 25%…4.  Sweet potatoes, 24%…5.  Stuffing, 23%…6.  Coleslaw, 22%…7.  Ham, 21%…8.  Pumpkin pie, 21%…9.  Mashed potatoes, 18%…10.  Mac-and-cheese, 15% of us don’t like it.

What traditional Thanksgiving dish do you dislike that most? What dishes would you serve for Thanksgiving that aren’t traditional?

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Doug O’Brien