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According to an online stimulus check impact index, Mississippians will be receiving the largest stimulus checks in the country, an average of $2,659 per family.

That number is 40% higher than people who live in Massachusetts, whose average payout is $1,897 per family.

Ownerly’s Stimulus Check Impact Index looked at average monthly bills (based on things like rent, utilities and mobile phone bills) for families in each state and found the economic impact of stimulus checks for families in Mississippi will be up to 63% higher than for families in Massachusetts, WHBQ-TV is reporting.

According to the online index, the top five states that will see the greatest economic impact from the stimulus money are Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and South Dakota.

After Mississippi, the states with the highest estimated payout per qualifying family are New Mexico ($2,571), Louisiana ($2,543), Alabama ($2,515) and Florida ($2,501).

The states with the lowest average payout are Massachusetts ($1,897), New Hampshire ($1,899), Maryland ($1,918), Connecticut ($1,920) and New Jersey ($1,931).

States that will see the lowest economic impact from stimulus money, after Massachusetts, are California, Hawaii, New York and New Jersey.